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Pumpkin Carving!!

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with events and things to do around Vancouver and is in no way specific to Vancouver since it can be done anywhere but since it’s what we’re doing tonight, I thought I’d write about pumpkin carving! I love Hallowe’en, it’s one of my favorite holidays I love getting dressed up in costumes and seeing other people’s costumes. I love going out and seeing how people have decorated their houses, and see their pumpkins, some people go really crazy!

A couple weeks ago we took a trip to the pumpkin patch, we chose the one on Steveston Highway in Richmond, Richmond Country Farm but there are plenty more around the lower mainland. For $11 each we got to listen to music, go on a hayride, get lost in the corn maze, eat fresh apples and of course pick a pumpkin! Additional pumpkins were $3. The pumpkins there were beautiful, but you don’t have to go to a patch to get your pumpkin, you can pick one up at the grocery store or produce market.

Photo of us lost in the corn maze!

We make a family night of carving, we put on festive music (usually Rocky Horror Picture Show), my husband carves out the pulp and then it’s time to get creative! Everyone gets a pumpkin and they can do whatever they want with it!

After I soak and salt the seeds and bake them for a tasty snack! Baking instructions from In an airtight container they stay good for a couple weeks.

Happy Halloween #pumpkin #halloween #jack'o'lantern

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Going for coffee part 3

Furthest west and really the only kid friendly cafe I had heard of prior to having a baby is Kokopelli Cafe situated on Dunbar Street at 30th Avenue (4593 Dunbar Street).

Their coffee is not the best but in a latte, it’s hardly noticeable, and what they lack In their coffee, they make up for in their delicious scones! This is another very busy cafe that can be hard to find a table around lunch time. They do have a kids menu that includes macaroni and cheese and Cheerios (sometimes the kids menu is better then the adult menu!). The adult menu has a selection of pastries and light sandwiches. I have only ever tried their scones so I can’t comment on the sandwiches.

In the back there is a nice sized play area for kids, though it seems that kids just run around the whole cafe. I wouldn’t take someone who doesn’t have kids there, unless they really like kids!

Kokopelli is open Monday to Friday 7am-5pm and Saturday to Sunday 8am-5pm.

Going for coffee part 2

Moving west we hit Kitsilano and a little French bakery called Plaisir Sucre right on Arbutus at 10th Avenue (2668 Arbutus Street). The first thing my girlfriend and I agreed on was that it was very French, the second, that we could eat their croissants every day for breakfast – well lets be honest here, we could have one for lunch too! The owner is very welcoming, there is lots of room for strollers and there is a play area in e back for kids. There is no kids menu since its more of a bakery then a restaurant, but there is plenty a little one could munch on. If they’re lucky, maybe you’ll let them try one of their delicious pain au chocolat!

Plaisir Sucre is open Tuesday to Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday 8am-5pm. Closed Mondays.

As a new mother, what is the easiest thing to do? Go for coffee… or is it?

When I first gave birth to my son, my house was a disaster, I didn’t want to have people over, and often they didn’t want to have me over either for the same reason.  Solution?  Meet for coffee!  But where to go?  Many places we tried to go to were too small for two strollers, only had one high chair, or where full of students trying to study (bad stares when my baby made a peep were not welcome in my hormonal state!)

I then learned of three places in Vancouver that are branded “kid friendly” two on the west side of Vancouver and one on the east side.  I’m going to start on the east side today and move west in future blog posts.

Little Nest located just off Commercial Drive (1716 Charles St.) is a great place to go.  Not only is it large enough for many, many strollers, there are tonnes of high chairs AND there is a kids play area.  But lets talk about the food for a minute.  Little Nest is open for breakfast and lunch.  The breakfast is delicious, my favorite is scrambled eggs on toast soldiers.  I haven’t had lunch there myself but a girlfriend of mine has told me that the sandwiches are to die for.  The cookies are also delicious and the coffee itself?  Its not bad.  They also have a kids menu that includes favorites like mac and cheese, fruit slices, chicken noodle soup and various sandwiches.  Overall this place is a winner!

Little Nest is open: 7 days a week! 9am-4pm (kitchen closes 3pm every day).

Good for kids 0-5, older kids might get bored as the play area is for younger kids; however, older kids will enjoy going there for weekend breakfast or lunch!