Pumpkin Carving!!

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with events and things to do around Vancouver and is in no way specific to Vancouver since it can be done anywhere but since it’s what we’re doing tonight, I thought I’d write about pumpkin carving! I love Hallowe’en, it’s one of my favorite holidays I love getting dressed up in costumes and seeing other people’s costumes. I love going out and seeing how people have decorated their houses, and see their pumpkins, some people go really crazy!

A couple weeks ago we took a trip to the pumpkin patch, we chose the one on Steveston Highway in Richmond, Richmond Country Farm but there are plenty more around the lower mainland. For $11 each we got to listen to music, go on a hayride, get lost in the corn maze, eat fresh apples and of course pick a pumpkin! Additional pumpkins were $3. The pumpkins there were beautiful, but you don’t have to go to a patch to get your pumpkin, you can pick one up at the grocery store or produce market.

Photo of us lost in the corn maze!

We make a family night of carving, we put on festive music (usually Rocky Horror Picture Show), my husband carves out the pulp and then it’s time to get creative! Everyone gets a pumpkin and they can do whatever they want with it!

After I soak and salt the seeds and bake them for a tasty snack! Baking instructions from food.com. In an airtight container they stay good for a couple weeks.

Happy Halloween #pumpkin #halloween #jack'o'lantern

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