Last minute Christmas gifts for grandparents

A few months ago I thought it would be totally fun to do finger paintings on canvases for the grandparents for grandparents day… Well I totally dropped the ball on that idea but it has been rainy and snowy so I decided to do it for Christmas! This is really the perfect gift as grandparents eat kid art up and it’s basically free labour. 🙂
Supplies – I went to Micheals and picked up a two pack of 8×11 canvases, and a six pack of non-toxic tempra paint. My original plan was to paper the kitchen with newspaper as this gets a bit messy but then I remembered that since we just painted our house, we still had drop clothes so I laid that on the floor. I stripped my little guy down to his diaper and squirted paint in his hands and let him go crazy on the canvases. For older kids you can dress them in smocks and put the paint in bowls for finger painting. I tried to use Colours I thought would go with the decor, but I’m sure they would love anything!
Quick and easy presents that are fun to make and sure to delight the receiver. I documented step by step in photos but I can’t find my camera cable. For now I’ll show you the final product and update with full photos later. 🙂



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