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Killarney Pool

Another new pool is Killarney, situated at 49 and Kerr caters to the east side of Vancouver. It’s smaller then Hillcrest but it does have a slide (both a large one and also a smaller baby slide). The kids pool is not as separate, they do have a lap pool but they also have roped off lanes in the kid area.
There are tones of toys and floating devices, there is never any waiting time for them. There is also a floaty boat which is very cool. They offer lessons and public swims.
The only downside is the change rooms. If you go during the week you risk going when the gym class at the high school is there which wouldn’t be a problem except they clog up ye change room and they also tend to change in the bathrooms where the change tables are so I’ve had to change my baby on the benches which is a bit of a pain.
One more thing, the water is a bit warmer in the play pool which is perfect for little ones! Overall a great family pool.


Hillcrest Pool

Built a couple years ago to replace the aged Percy Norman pool, Hillcrest is certainly much better! There is a lazy river, diving boards, lots of toys, a lap pool and in the summer there is an outdoor pool with spray park (the spray park is over-run with big kids and not as great to bring little ones to).

After your swim you can now get a coffee and a snack at their cafe. They have swimming lessons and birthday parties too. When I was a kid, you’d go to the pool then back to a friend’s house for the cake but at Hillcrest they have a party room! Yay, no clean up!

Hillcrest Pool Website

Going for Coffee part 5

Okay, first thing I notice as I post this is that I drink too much coffee! But enough about me, onto this awesome new bakery cafe I discovered on the west side called Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe. I think it’s a toss up between French and Italian coffee but the French definitely win over the baked goods category!

All their food looks delicious, it’s hard to choose between a savory scone and a sweet pain au chocolat! And any place that serves drinking chocolate must be alright! For children, they have high chairs so although its not as great as some places that provide toys, it’s better than most in that you don’t have to balance your little one on your lap while trying to keep them from knocking over your hot drink!

They’re open Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday) 7-6 during the week and 8-5 on the weekend and they’re located at 2150 Fir St.

Find out more and check out their menu here!

Stars and Strollers

Similar to Movies for Mommies, Cineplex has their own brand of mom and baby movie events. Showing afternoon movies with the sound turned down, they also offer special changing stations and stroller parking. We found that a lot of senior citizens also like to attend these screenings. Only select theaters run this program, to find one near you, check out your nearest Cineplex

Movies for Mommies

Movies for mommies was created so that moms could go out and enjoy a movie without having to worry about their baby crying, or the movie being too loud for them. The theatre lights are dimmed but its not completely dark, so you can see your baby if you’re nursing or getting a bottle out of your bag or whatever else you might want to do. Also, the volume is turned down so that it won’t hurt a baby’s ears. I was worried that there would be so many babies crying I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the movie, but it was the opposite, not only was I able to enjoy the movie but I didn’t feel at all bad when my baby started to fuss! Brilliant! They recommend that its best for babies 0-18 months but leave it up to the parent’s discretion. Currently they show movies in Vancouver, Burnaby and Pitt Meadows. Check out their upcoming schedule.

Family Sing-Along at VPL

Today we decided to take a trip to the central branch of the library and I just found out that every Wednesday at the Vancouver Public Library at 3:30pm they have a family sing-along! What fun! Families and kids of all ages are invited down to the children’s section of the library for a half hour of singing fun! I hope to see you there next week. Best part is, its free!!
Check out the VPL’s website for more information.

Open Gym at the Community Centre

The city of Vancouver operates 24 community centers throughout the city which offer open gym free play for 0-5 year olds. A perfect place to play with some new toys (and in some locations a bouncy castle), meet new friends and get out all that energy! The cost is minimal, $1 or $2 depending on the centre. If you live near a couple community centers you can go every day! It’s great also because some days they offer it in the morning and others the afternoon so it really works well with all schedules.

Find the centre nearest you.