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Killarney Pool

Another new pool is Killarney, situated at 49 and Kerr caters to the east side of Vancouver. It’s smaller then Hillcrest but it does have a slide (both a large one and also a smaller baby slide). The kids pool is not as separate, they do have a lap pool but they also have roped off lanes in the kid area.
There are tones of toys and floating devices, there is never any waiting time for them. There is also a floaty boat which is very cool. They offer lessons and public swims.
The only downside is the change rooms. If you go during the week you risk going when the gym class at the high school is there which wouldn’t be a problem except they clog up ye change room and they also tend to change in the bathrooms where the change tables are so I’ve had to change my baby on the benches which is a bit of a pain.
One more thing, the water is a bit warmer in the play pool which is perfect for little ones! Overall a great family pool.


Apologies for not posting in a while

Sorry I’ve been away a while! We have been busy moving (still in Vancouver) and getting ready for Christmas. Since the world didn’t end today, we’re going to be working on a craft that I will share with you tomorrow. 🙂

Gymboree, not just a clothing store

Gymboree located in North Vancouver offers classes from 0-5 years old encouraging development through play and learning.  I thought they were just a clothing store, but they offer classes in play, music and art as well as birthday parties.  They also have an open gym and that is the reason for this post.  For the month of December, all open gym sessions are free to the community.